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11 Things You’ll Identify with if You Live in a Victorian Terrace

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As one does, I accidentally found the original post entitled 11 Things You’ll Identify with if You Live in a Victorian Terrace when looking for ideas for a new fridge. Not that I’m easily distracted (much) but I started to look at the photos and the accompanying text.

Reading  through the article amused me, as many of the eleven things mentioned in the article are elements of my own home too. Although it should be said that my Victorian terrace house is actually an Edwardian Terrace house. However, as it too pre-dates the First World War it has high ceilings and pleasantly proportioned rooms.

The article reflects the idiosyncrasies of twenty first century urban terraced life. Barbecues, where to park the car and the neighbours’ skip are familiar features for many of us. Parking is one of the leading banes of modern urban and suburban life. Packed cities may have good transport facilities which we can use, but there are still those of us who need to use a vehicle for work or perhaps for taking children to visit grandparents in a picturesque rural location that doesn’t actually have a bus service anymore.

Terraced houses, Victorian and Edwardian, do not tend to benefit from the guaranteed side access found with a semi detached house. A fair number do have shared access, pedestrian or if you’re really lucky, vehicular. This doesn’t always give the inhabitants enough room for the plethora of recycling boxes which clutter up our outside spaces. And even if it does, the boxes always have to be dragged to the front of the house for collection. So they often stay there in a slightly apologetic heap, slowly growing to a tottering tower of  plastic and paper. This less pretty aspect of an environmentally concerned populace isn’t mentioned in the article. A shame, because it is possible to find an attractive way of hiding the front garden mess (for front garden ideas, why not pop over to my work website Plews Garden Design?)

Outside loos are also useful when you have toddlers as well as for BBQs and parties. And fireplaces whether original or an architectural salvage find are, of course, a delight whatever the season.

This link will take you to the original post, which is by Ideal Home Magazine and is featured on eBay.

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