I love the way #tabbycat markings and the shadows blend in together #sunnyafternoons #seniorcatsofig #tabbycatsofinstagram

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Pippin in the garden, tabby cat aged 17 3/4

Easter Chocolate Bunny Hunt

easter chocolate bunny hunt

Well this was a surprise to come home to on Easter Sunday!

My Lindt bunny had gone šŸ˜¦

In it’s place was an envelope with my name on it…

So I opened the envelope.

easter chocolate bunny hunt

The card inside – appropriately covered with pictures of birds’ eggs – had a clue written there.

“Safe from cats, this gilded cage holds much glass”


I looked round to see Nathan grinning away. And denying that he had eaten my chocolate bunny. All I had to do was work out the clue to find it…

The only gilded cage I could think of was the oak dresser with decorative copper hinges. Arts and Crafts style; a much loved item of furniture.

Nope, couldn’t see the bunny in there.

Nathan laughing and making remarks about my lack of height made me look again…

Yes! There was my chocolate bunny hiding on the top shelf šŸ™‚

easter chocolate bunny hunt

But there’s more to Nathan’s fun idea. He’d hidden everyone’sĀ  bunnies and created different clues for them.

I was so impressed at his thoughtfulness in creating the Easter Chocolate Bunny Hunt whilst we were out that I brewed a pot of coffee shared my chocolate (and the coffee) with him. Happiness shared is, after all, far more pleasurable.