For my OH – Happy 60th Birthday Garden Dreams

The Kilted Tommy, rehearsal, kilt, sepia, simon waterfield, historical interpretation, stage set, lloyd loom chair

As part of the birthday presents and celebrations, I had planned to write a blog along the lines of ‘inspired by husband’s sixtieth birthday I came up with these garden design ideas’ on my weekly work blog over at Plews Potting Shed on Plews Garden Design website.

and I sort of did that…Happy 60th Birthday Garden Dreams

white rose and nepeta

Although it didn’t exactly turn out as I’d expected. Funny how that happens sometimes when you’re writing stuff. I mean , you have this plan and some notes, and you write a first draft…

Sometimes you end up with the words and thread that you had intended to write. Yet other times the words, even in non-fiction, take over and ideas appear as if from nowhere to scatter themselves into your writing.  Occasionally, the script sneaks into your subconscious and you fail to notice the change of theme until you’re at the editing stage.  In other cases, you can be busy writing away and suddenly realise that the piece has changed direction. If it’s flowing, I tend to go with it rather than start querying why and trying to alter it. I mean, the result can be two pieces of work for the same initial input!

marie shallcross, simon waterfield, transgendered shakespeare, brighton fringe 2016, historical interpretation

I mention the whole writing thing as OH also writes – and performs the work, which is predominantly historical interpretations of the lives of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. You can see what I mean on his website Historical Interpretation Although this year he branched into a topical two-hander – Transgendered Shakespeare

But back to the birthday!

Well, the pet animals –

SharpeSharpe, smiling at the weeding having been done, border collie, dog, pet


Pippin, tabby cat, pet

ReepicheepReepicheep and cushions, tabby cat, pet cat

bought him a London 60+ Oyster card

So now he’ll have free travel to all those theatre performances that I’ve bought him for his main birthday present from me. :-}

And, not only will I accompany him to those plays I’d like to see too, but, as he got there free, “It’ll be your round at the bar, Dear!”

strawberries in blue glass bowl, and bottles of English sparkling wine



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