Transgender – Shakespeare, Priests and Toilets

Shared from WordPress – Do read it’s quite an eye opener on people’s behaviour:-

On Restrooms, Gender, and Fear –

As my daughter / son is trans / gender queer / gender neutral I can empathise.

As a parent I feel I have gained another child,  not lost one.

I would hate for my beloved child to feel so scared that they couldn’t use the public loo.

Does it help if I say that we joke about the sign on the door being a cloaked superhero rather than a woman in a dress

And this is how positive I and my husband,  our child’s father feel about our beloved child.

The two of them have written a play about communication between father and child and are performing it at the Brighton Fringe Festival this month (May)

Flyer attached for those of you in the UK who might like to book tickets


Brighton Fringe Festival
May 14, 21, 27, 28

See Historical Interpretation for more details


One thought on “Transgender – Shakespeare, Priests and Toilets

  1. […] I mention the whole writing thing as OH also writes – and performs the work, which is predominantly historical interpretations of the lives of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. You can see what I mean on his website Historical Interpretation Although this year he branched into a topical two-hander – Transgendered Shakespeare […]

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