An Evening of Magic and Remembrance

An Evening of Magic and Remembrance, WW1, Lewes

What are you doing on November 15th?


Why not enjoy an evening with a difference?


Historical Interpretation and Magic at Events have combined to present to you an evening showing diverse perspectives of the First World War.

From the harrowing trenches in France to the light hearted Music Hall acts back in Blighty, both performers offer you the opportunity to be a part of life as it was during the Great War.


The Kilted Tommy

Simon Waterfield of Historical Interpretation relives the tale of a Lancashire lad who went to war in a kilt.

Harry Kay joined up to do his bit for King and Country – but he was expecting to wear trousers not tartan. Laced through with humour and pathos, this is a very personal account and based on a true story.


The Kilted Tommy, Harry Kay, Historical interpretation, sepia


Magic at Events

Stuart Kelly is a Member of the Magic Circle and a very adaptable musician, able to enliven both trade shows and private parties with his wit and skills.

This evening he brings a change of pace, showcasing some of those much loved magic tricks that helped to keep spirits up for the people back home.

stuart kelly, magic at events


An Evening of Magic and Remembrance promises to be both a poignant and an amusing occasion. You’ll leave having felt an array of emotions from near despair to bellyaching laughter; just as our ancestors did during those years of World War One. Our boys in the trenches needed to keep their spirits up to fight through the daily horrors. And those waiting at home needed some light relief from the first Great War, the first to have such an impact on the daily lives of a whole nation.

Together, Simon and Stuart prove that however dreadful the experiences of war, life goes on, and the human ability to smile through adversity gives us hope for a brighter future.

Why not join us?

15th November 2015
7.45 pm

The All Saints Centre
Friars Walk
East Sussex

Tickets are available from

There are both good public transport links and car parking nearby (map below)
Both performers are members of Equity

Poster artwork by Rory Waterfield

This event will be filmed.

all saints centre, lewes


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