Are you sitting comfortably?

Lloyd loom chair, table, stage

We spend a lot of time sitting at a desk for work and for pleasure, staring at a computer screen.

Even those who use a laptop rather than a desk top PC or Mac will frequently have the laptop on a table – it is so much easier than having  a laptop on your lap for any length of time, after all.

I am fairly much wedded to my Lloyd Loom chair and cushions but then I also stand up and move around regularly. That trick I have Caroline to thank for; a gentle suggestion made along with the Bowen therapy treatment I received.

And its a brilliant blog by Caroline Percy of Bowen for All that has made me at least think about a new office chair…

5 Tips for getting your Office Chair just right

Is a personal anecdote as well as ‘how to’ – it’s good to know that no-one, not even Caroline is perfect all the time. Although she is pretty much perfect when it comes to giving Bowen treatments; I can highly recommend her and the therapy.

So do have a read of her office chair blog and a look at her website too; you may just remember her when your back aches after a long day (or evening) sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

As for why my erstwhile office chair is appearing on a local amateur theatre stage…well, that’s another story




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