Beckenham – Market On The Green

beckenham market

Oh Beckenham, that quaint market town that speaks French as easily as it eats baguettes dripping with vinaigrette dressing…

No, seriously, local Kentish and London food and crafts are on offer on Saturday 19 Sept

“jerk chicken, gourmet burgers, wood fired pizza, hog roast, speciality pies, sausage rolls, cakes, chocolate, artisan breads, handmade sauces and conserves, hand painted cards, handmade children’s and adult jewellery, Kent apple juice and cider, locally produced fruit gin, plants and seeds, rare breed lamb & pork, free range poultry, hand-painted scarves and ponchos, adults and children’s clothing, candles, fruit and veg, Kent strawberries, handmade fudge, pottery, ceramics, soaps and gifts.”

Thanks to Copers Cope residents for the heads up: 2 weeks to go until Market On The Green – Sat 19 Sept 2015

and there’ll be plenty of time to get back home to watch the first episode of the new series of Dr Who – happiness has to be a British Saturday!


Tardis...seen locally



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