Cinderella, then and now

The last time St George’s Players in Beckenham put on the pantomime Cinderella was in 1998.

As some of the cast in that production are also playing or involved in this year’s pantomime, I promised I would look for photos from that production.

cinderella, mice, panto, st george's players, 1998, beckenham, nathan waterfield, hari waterfield

Tracking down photos that were of a decent enough quality to scan and show you took a while. With performance week looming, I am proud to present a blast from the past – and a range of today’s photos so you can see the change!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find clear photos of all the cast and crew from both productions of Cinderella, but I have at least added their names to the list.

In case you might think that long service medals should be given out, I would like to say in their defence (and mine!) that not all of the Cinderella personnel from 1998 and 2014 have consistently been involved with pantomime, or indeed with St George’s Players, during the intervening sixteen years – we do get up to other activities!

I mention a little of the other pantomime involvement of the various cast members between our previous performance of Cinderella and this year’s offering.

cinderella, panto, st george's players, 1998, beckenhamMadam Director – and indeed Madam Author – Gill Whinder kept us all in order in 1998 and has tried to do the same this year. A previous principal boy herself, she still has the legs to prove it – it must be all that running around chasing up cast who forget their lines…


cinderella, panto, st george's players, 1998, beckenham


cinderella, pantomime, hari waterfield, beckenham

chancellor and crawley, plotting

Ian–Paul Munday played a villager, Grand Ball attendee and half the pantomime horse in 1998 and has been promoted to the role of the Prince’s scheming Chancellor for this performance. He has played various roles over the years, including those of a policeman, a Frog Prince and as the eponymous hero in Robin Hood in St George’s Players 2008 pantomime.


cinderella, buttons, panto, st george's players, 1998, beckenham, marie shallcross

This photo shows Buttons and Cinderella the morning after the Ball, with our pantomime horse who is about to indulge in a spot of Riverdance

dandini, ugly sisters, glass slipper, cinderella, pantomime, hari waterfield, beckenham, marie shallcross

Dandini: “the slipper doesn’t fit, Ephemia”

Buttons as played by Ken Maliphant went down in the history of St George’s Players as a brilliantly performed role he took a long time to live down – which says a great deal as Ken was arguably better known for many years as St George’s in-house Pantomime Dame. Buttons was one of the only two times Ken has played a non-dame role in pantomime, the other being his wicked Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood. We’re seriously enjoying his ugly sister in rehearsals so advise you to not miss the real performance if at all possible!


cinderella, fairy godmother, mice, panto, st george's players, 1998, beckenham, nathan waterfield, hari waterfieldNathan Waterfield was the oldest mouse and the only male mouse in Cinderella 1998; he’s the one furthest away from the Fairy Godmother. In 2014 he plays the Town Crier, the Master of Ceremonies, the Palace Chef and numerous other roles (you have to see the performance to get the joke). He’s grown a bit since mouse-time, and has been in other pantomimes, including Robin Hood, when he played King Richard. Nathan has however spent a lot of time as backstage crew, where his strength has quite literally been in manhandling heavy scenery.

cinderella, pantomime, hari waterfield, beckenham, nathan waterfield

Prince Charming and Smithy, the town crier


Marie Shallcross, yours truly, was the eponymous heroine of Cinderella in 1998, this was the first time I had played a part with St Georges Players. Since then, like many others, I have acted in various productions, both pantomimes and straight plays. I have also written and directed two pantomimes, one of which being Robin Hood; and variously been involved in publicity, costume and props. This time in Cinderella I am treading the boards as Dandini and loving it just as much as last time.

cinderella, panto, st george's players, 1998, beckenham, marie shallcross


Prince Charming, Dandini, cinderella, pantomime, hari waterfield, beckenham, marie shallcross

Prince Charming and Dandini hunting in the woods

Other cast members from 1998 for whom I couldn’t find decent photographs to scan include Gladys Flower, who played Lady Eastwood then and Fairy Liquid this time. Liz Verlander who was a villager and now plays Gladys’ partner in magical mayhem Fairy Nuff. Both these established members of St Georges Players have been busy at various performances of plays and pantomime over the years.

cinderella, pantomime, beckenham, hari waterfield

the fairies have been shopping

Also worth a mention is Simon Waterfield, who played Lord Eastwood and half the pantomime horse in 1998 and is Stage Manager for this year’s Cinderella. When not performing and stage managing at at local amateur dramatic societies Simon writes and performs his own works, through Historical Interpretation.

Our mice this year are part of the 15th Beckenham Brownies; in 1998 they were the children of cast members – and are now all grown up!

Our hope is that you too will love St George’s Players second production of Cinderella – so book your tickets now as there are very few seats left.

The Saturday matinee is sold out, but we can squeeze some of you into Friday night’s performance – which takes place on National Pantomime Day 12th December 2014, and into Saturday evening.

Book your tickets through Box Office Mobile – 07510 111 224

Book your tickets online – St Georges Players

The Cinderella poster is by Lucy Waterfield (Rory Waterfield)

cinderella poster, pantomime, rory waterfield, st georges players


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