August Bank Holiday

Sharpe, border collie, dog, black and white dog, pet

I’m not sure I’m fit to be let out on wet Bank Holiday in England…so instead I thought I’d amuse myself…

Have you ever tried Google -ing yourself?

This example was on Facebook recently –

If you type in ” [your name] is a” into the search bar you get various drop down alternatives – just like this

marie shallcross, marieowyn



Ninja is cool – I can live with that – you know a bit like kick ass Sarah Connor from the Terminator movie

marie shallcross, sarah connor, terminator, 80's fancy dress



So of course, I thought I’d try something else to see what happened (also known as not reading all the instructions as that would be boring)

And I found out that if you hit the search button something else pops up – like this link –

Marie is an ideological thinker. Her arguments frequently begin with
A) data.
B) reasons.
C) evidence.
D) axioms.

Which I also thought was an acceptable description of me: clever person.

Yey! – I am a cool clever ninja! (or maybe not ‘yey’ that’s not not cool, that’s excited)


Then I thought I would stop messing about on the internet and do something practical and useful; like deleting unnecessary texts on my mobile…

and found this little convo…

flying ants text convo


So maybe I watch too many sci-fi films?

Ah well, it is a wet Bank Holiday Monday, perhaps I can be forgiven this time…



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