Bromley Tory Leader’s comment on working parents outrage audience


Penge and Cator Councillors

Cllr Stephen Carr, Tory leader of Bromley council, outraged the audience at a recent meeting in Crystal Palace when he claimed that working parents should not have children if they also need help towards child care.
When asked to comment on one parent’s situation where child care costs took up ¾ of her take home pay, he said people have to be responsible for themselves and if they can’t afford children they shouldn’t have them.
Cllr Carr clearly doesn’t understand the real world of hard working families. If he met families from Penge and Crystal Palace he would know that many families need two working parents to make ends meet. Even with jobs paying the average wage, child care costs can take up a very high proportion of earnings. Is he suggesting that these people should remain childless? Is he not concerned where the next generation of working adults is…

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