If you like an organised fireworks display, then November 2nd 2013 at Croydon Road Recreation Ground where the fireworks are organised by the Beckenham Round Table is  a good performance; and profits go to charity.

But in all the excitement of fireworks – which will no doubt continue until next weekend as November 5th is midweek, do remember to take care of your pets. My ‘work blog’ has a few hints on protecting plants as well as calming pets and domestic livestock such as suburban hens.

For very nervous animals a trip to the vet for soothing pills is worthwhile. There are some ‘chill pills’ available which replicate the relaxed and somnolent feeling that puppies and kittens have after feeding on their mother’s milk.

And also remember the wildlife that you’ve spent all year encouraging into the garden.  Hedgehogs and toads may have taken shelter from the recent storm in a bonfire that you built last weekend so check before you light the bonfire. The Wildlife Trusts have some useful advice, for example, making a smaller woodpile to encourage the wildlife away from the bonfire.

Then all you need to remember is the home made treacle toffee and parkin (think they missed that one off the Great British Bakeoff…maybe next year?)
Plus plenty of tasty fillings for your jacket potatoes. Enjoy!

Tabby cat


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