Christmas Trees and Cut Flowers

Plews Potting Shed

ChristmasTree2Some people like to buy their Christmas trees this weekend, at the beginning of December, around Advent Sunday, which this year is December 2nd. Those of you who are not fond of Christmas, Winter Solstice and Yule celebrations may wonder why having a needle –dropping plant in the house for four weeks could be seen as a good thing. So what could be done to reduce the needle dropping issue?

Firstly, if you are after a real not artificial tree, and needle dropping is an issue; look for a Nordman fir (Abies nordmanniana). This gorgeous pyramid shaped tree has luxuriant dark green needles which are less prone to dropping even when you forget to water it. However, the Nordman takes up a fair bit of room, being wide at the bottom. The Norway spruce (Picea abies) is slimmer and has that lovely resinous, “piney” aroma but does have a tendency…

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